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As Election Day Approaches, Philadelphia Mayoral Candidates Square Off In Third Debate

By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Republican and Democratic candidates fighting to be the next Mayor of Philadelphia squared off Monday evening in their third and final debate which was held at Temple University.

When asked what she thinks the Nutter administration is doing right, Republican Melissa Murray Bailey says she admires the work the mayor is doing improving the high school graduation rate around the city.

But she believes there is a lot more work to do.

"When I look at the thing that he could have done better it's really about community relationships and community involvement. I think there could have been more transparency with the people in the community on what his plans were and how they could be a part of that," said Murray Bailey.

When asked what he admired about the Nutter administration, Democrat Jim Kenney says he likes the mayor's stance on ethics but he as mayor he would be a little more diplomatic.

"The one thing I think I would be different with him is my relationship with city council, my relationship with Darrell Clarke is solid John Street the former mayor told me, 'Jim you need nine votes to do anything you want to do make sure you get at least the council president and the other eight will come,'" said Kenney.

When it came to jobs, Murray Bailey says she wants to bring more international companies to Philadelphia, and Kenney says he wants to get people to work by bringing more jobs to the Navy Yard.

But what garnered the biggest reaction from the crowd was who each candidate liked from their party as the next President of the United States.

"Biden's a Flyers fan. He goes to Flyers games. Hillary was a terrific Secretary of State and served President Obama quite well and loyally. Two strong candidates. Bernie says stuff we want to hear," said Kenney.

"I don't have a quite favorite candidate but I have to say looking at Carly Fiorina I have to say I admire what she's doing and what I love about her approach compared to some of the others is she's actually talking about solutions," said Murray Bailey.

The Philadelphia mayoral election takes place in just a few weeks on November 3.

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