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Arrest Made In Wave Of Tire Slashing Incidents In NE Philadelphia

By Elizabeth Hur

David Toledo_
David Toledo is led to a room for questioning at Northeast Detectives. (credit: Jim Melwert)

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Her husband is under arrest for terrorizing their neighborhood and she's talking only to Eyewitness News.

While neighbors are demanding justice after learning one of their own is accused of the crimes, Dave Toledo's wife, overcome with emotion, spoke exclusively to Eyewitness News reporter Elizabeth Hur.

Mayfair Town Watch President Milt Martelack wanted to make it clear, Dave Toledo was never trained or certified to be out on patrol. Martelack says Toledo was a self-proclaimed Block Watch volunteer who allegedly ultimately betrayed everyone.

Toledo's wife, Yvonne, disagrees explaining in her view Dave was out only to help others.

"Right, wrong or indifferent, I stand beside my husband and in my heart I don't believe he did it. I just think this is an episode of circumstances," Yvonne explained.

Yvonne Toledo was still shaking when she agreed to talked to us hours after she left Northeast Detectives. She says she was home with her husband when police came knocking Wednesday afternoon.

"I just thought it was another interview, that's all," Yvonne said.

Exclusive Interview With Toledo's Wife

It was last Monday police interviewed Dave Toledo. At the time, police called him an eyewitness to the latest tire slashing incidents that have plagued the neighborhood since last fall.

Capt. Jack McGinnis explained, "With hard work by my detectives and the 15th District police officers, we were finally able to put a case together against David Toledo."

Philadelphia Police: Tire Slasher Press Conference

According to police, of the more than 90 cars hit in the 4000 block of Aldine and Teesdale Streets, Toledo is responsible for slashing tires on 55 cars from January 13th to April 16th on nine separate occasions.

All along, Dave Toledo claimed he was also a victim. He had told reporters 11 of his tires were also slashed. Police now allege Toledo slashed his own tires.

"He said that he didn't do it and I believe him, I believe him, he's my husband. I've never known Dave to do anything like this, ever," Yvonne said.

But according to court documents, Toledo has been arrested before. According to sources, Toledo has four prior arrests including one from 2005 for Criminal Mischief and in 2006, a criminal complaint was filed against him for a similar crime.

"That I don't know anything about, if anything like that happened, it was before I ever came into the picture," Yvonne said.

According to Yvonne, she married Dave and moved into their Aldine Street home only a year ago. She understands her neighbors are shocked and outraged but hopes they will now allow the justice system to run its course.

Yvonne added, "I'm very sorry. I'm upset too. Everybody has a right to be upset but I've never known Dave to do anything like this. I want it to end like they do."

Police tell us Dave Toledo faces a laundry list of charges including Criminal Mischief and other related offenses.

Authorities also stressed, they do not want any type of retaliation and announced a community meeting will be held Thursday night to further address residents' concerns.

The meeting will be held at 7:30pm at St. Bernard's School Hall located at 4427 Aldine Street.

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