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Army Dad Returns Home For Father-Daughter Dance Surprise

RADNOR, P.a. (CBS) -- Veterans Day is a day set aside to honor the men and women who have served our country. One Philadelphia family celebrated their Veterans Day in a very special and emotional way.

This Texas-based army serviceman has spent the last 12 years being a strong soldier. On Friday night he melted into an emotional father after reuniting in Philadelphia with his 14-year-old daughter.

"I was really nervous, my heart was racing emotions were running deep," said Warrant Officer Wally Vega. "When she started crying. I started crying. It was extremely emotional."

This father-daughter reunion came after eight months of the two not seeing each other.

It also came as a surprise for Archbishop John Carroll High School freshman Jasmine Vega.

"I had no idea," Jasmine said.

Twenty-four hours after the reunion Jasmine and her father sat down with us and explained. This was her school's annual Father-Daughter dance, one that she expected to attend with her uncle, since her father is based in Texas.

Instead her mother, father, and the school figured out a way to get dad to the dance and allow the two to share this moment.

"It felt like it was just us and no one else in that room," Jasmine said. "It was just a moment for us to share because I can barely see him. I had the best time of my life with him."

This wasn't the only daughter officer Vega surprised. Coming home this weekend he also got to surprise his younger daughter Jenna.

"There is nothing more I appreciate than family time, because we are overseas and month away from the family and it does take a toll," Vega said.

Vega will be heading back to Texas Sunday, but he says he will use Saturday night to spend more time with his daughters until the absolute very last-minute he has to go.

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