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Police Investigating Stickers Advocating White Supremacy Found On Signs Along Several Streets On Main Line

ARDMORE, Pa. (CBS) -- Police on the Main Line are investigating a disturbing find -- stickers advocating white supremacy. The stickers were placed on streets signs along several streets along the Main Line, and now on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, residents say it shows there's still work to be done.

"I don't know what's surprising anymore, honestly," Gabby Van Hollander said, "and it makes me really sad to say that I wish I could say it was."

Alarming signs posted on residential streets in Ardmore have people sounding the alarm about white supremacists.

"My understanding is that most of them hate-based, white nationalists organizations," Micah Sneed said, "and really, they're not trying to be obvious, they're actually trying to catch people's attention, so it's more of a recruiting tool."

Sneed is the president of the Ardmore Progressive Civic Association, a volunteer-based group in the area. He says the signs, which say things like "question the war" and "diversity won't bring me back," were seen from Ardmore to Havertown.

"Just a surprise that someone would either, in our neighborhood or come into our neighborhood and leave something like that and think they would get anything other than the response they've gotten, which is just full-throated rejection of what they're looking for," Sneed said.

The Lower Merion Police Department is aware and is currently investigating.

The commissioner says every level of government has denounced this and criminal charges aren't out of the question.

"We have to confront it. We can't sit around and idly hope it away," Commissioner Anthony Stevenson said.

The community's motto? Hate has no home here.

"Martin Luther King talked about how unless we live as brothers and sisters, we will die like fools, and unfortunately, we are continuing to strive toward those goals," Stevenson said.

This topic will be an agenda item at a virtual meeting Monday night at 7 p.m. Organizers are asking that residents bring ideas on how to address hate in the community.

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