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Ann Coulter Lays Out The White House Plan To Replace Hillary Clinton

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter laid out how she thinks the White House is planning to subvert Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, push Vice-President Joe Biden to the nomination and name Attorney General Loretta Lynch to the Supreme Court.

Coulter, during an interview with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said the process begins with charges emanating from the investigation into the former Secretary of State's private email server.


"[James] Comey goes ahead, the FBI Director, because this egregious, indicts Hillary, but then this has to go to the Attorney General. Valerie Jarrett, who is very close to Obama, is chirping in his ear constantly, puts in a call to Lorretta Lynch, the Attorney General, and says disregard everything the President is about to say publicly. Obama comes out and says this is outrageous, Hillary did nothing wrong, there should be no indictment, but of course, the Attorney General is independent. Loretta Lynch goes ahead and indicts Hillary. It destroys Hillary's campaign and gets Biden in and then it's harder for the Republicans to say we refuse to put Loretta Lynch on the Supreme Court."

She has been one of the earliest and most vocal supporters of Donald Trump and took the time to dismiss reports that in an off-the-record interview with the New York Times, he promised to back away from some of his more outlandish campaign promises, like building a wall across the border with Mexico.

"Trump has said the same thing on the record. I think he's referring to the deportation of illegals, which is obviously an ongoing process. A lot of what a President has to do is just allow ICE to do its job, allow Sheriff Joe to do his job. It's an organic process. Obviously, a lot of the worst illegals will be deported immediately and then after that, the ones that are caught by Sheriff Joe and so on, and so forth. I know every other Republican is going to betray us. We've been asking for a wall. We've been asking for no amnesty. We've been asking for less immigration for 30 years. Every other Republican campaigns on it and then backs away. In Rubio's case, specifically going out and spending years pushing amnesty, after swearing to Florida voters that he wouldn't. We have been betrayed so many times."

Coulter insisted Trump is being honest with voters, unlike his opponents, who have let conservatives down multiple times before.

"Three times they've tried to push amnesty on the country and three times it has been shut down by the American people. I don't know how much clearer the voters have to be and one thing I know about Trump is he is not dependent on donors. He's not listening to idiot consultants that say we have to pass it to get the Hispanic vote. Every week he is speaking directly to 100,000 Americans. At every one of those speeches, what is the line that brings down the house and gets a standing ovation? When he says he's going to build the wall. If he said anything, as is being described in an off-the-record discussion, he's lying to the New York Times. I don't think he's lying to us."

She also predicted that minority voters will not support the Democratic candidate with numbers like they did for President Obama and that Trump will attract more of them than Mitt Romney did during his run in 2012.

"I don't think you're going to have a lot of black people rushing out, standing in the rain. They're not afraid of Trump. Either the black vote will be down or Trump will get a good portion of it. He will get a least as much of the Hispanic vote as Romney, and I say he gets more of the Hispanic vote because they want jobs. They want their wages to go up."

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