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Andy Reid Talks About Vick's Fumbles

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – At his weekly press conference, Eagles head coach Andy Reid spoke about Michael Vick's problem with fumbles this season, including three against the Steelers on Sunday.

On Vick's comments that "everything happens for a reason"

"Well, I would imagine, because I know you guys pretty well, that probably wasn't the first time he was asked about the fumbles in that press conference. I'd tell you that, listen, there's nobody more competitive than this guy and he knows that he can't fumble. Understand that. He knows that he can't have turnovers and he can't fumble. Nobody knows it better than the player and he doesn't want to go out there and do those things. But we've got to go back and we've got to work on ball security. He understands that and we'll do that and we'll get that right. He's going to get it right, just like he did the interceptions and we're going to get it fixed. It won't be the last time he carries the football. He's going to continue to carry the football and he's just got to secure it away, keep it high and tight and, when he's in traffic, get that thing covered up with the off hand."

On whether the coaches can help with Vick's fumbling problem

"You emphasize it. As a coach, you emphasize it. You continue to emphasize it in practice. That's what you do. And as a player you make it happen. You have to make sure you keep the ball high and tight and that you cover it in traffic. When things are live and they are going fast in the game you make sure you go back to those fundamentals to get it taken care of."

Will Reid call different plays because of the fumbles?

"I would tell you no. You saw us come back with a QB draw after he had a couple fumbles. I've got trust that he'll get this thing right. Like I said with how I felt with the interceptions, not that he'll never throw another interception, that's not what I'm saying, but he's kind of got that worked out. He'll make good decisions there. That's part of the game. He's got to take care of it. He knows it."

Could the vest that Vick is wearing to protect his ribs be part of the problem?

"I looked at that. I don't think it is. I don't think that's the case but I did look at that. That's a good question."

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