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Andy Reid Steals The Show In NFL Annual Meeting Coaches Picture

By Ray Boyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- For all of us who have spent a certain amount of time watching the Eagles during Andy Reid's coaching tenure, we know a little bit about Hawaiian shirts. "Big Red," was known for wearing them every once in awhile and they sort of became his greatest fashion staple.

Reid decided why not break out the old Hawaiian shirt once again.

On Monday, all of the league's head coaches gathered for their annual picture at the NFL Annual Meetings. It isn't too hard to pick out Reid.

The attire is not totally unreasonable. The meetings are taking place in Phoenix, AZ which had a high of 86 degrees on Monday.

The thing is, no one else in the picture is dressed even close to what Reid is wearing. Every coach seems to have on a golf shirt or a dress shirt. Even a few of them broke out blazers.

From the view of the front row at least, they all have on dress pants and dress shoes, including Eagles coach Chip Kelly who is good for the usual Eagles pullover, shorts and sneakers.

Despite, sticking out like a sore thumb, Reid is probably the most appropriately dressed for the climate and that is something worth recognizing.

You cannot knock someone for being comfortable.

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