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Analyst: Recreational Marijuana Bill Stands No Chance In Pa.

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) - Recreational use of marijuana has been legalized in a couple of states, but don't look for Pennsylvania to join the trend anytime soon.

State Senator Daylin Leach, a Democrat from Montgomery and Delaware Counties, has announced that marijuana reform will be a priority for him and that he plans to introduce a bill similar to ones in Washington and Colorado that legalized pot there.

But Franklin and Marshall College pollster and political analyst Terry Madonna says the chances of that happening in Pennsylvania anytime soon are slimmer than a cold day in a biblical place associated with heat.

(Terry Madonna of Franklin & Marshall College. Photo provided)

"There's literally no chance that a legalization bill will pass the Pennsylvania legislature anytime soon."

And Madonna says it's not just because the legislature is controlled by Republicans.

"Democrats and Republicans particularly from rural Pennsylvania tend to be very conservative on social issues."

In addition to resistance from lawmakers, Madonna says his own polls have shown support for medical marijuana, but, "Voters in the state opposed the use of marijuana for recreational purposes.  So, it's not just the fact that the legislature won't adopt it, it's that the voters don't support the legalization at this point."

Madonna believes medical marijuana has a better chance, but that legalized recreational use of pot in Pennsylvania is at least a decade away.

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