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<i>Analysis</i>: What Is The End Game In Libya?

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – As the fighting continues in Libya, the question is: what is the end game?

For Ed Turzanski of the foreign policy research institute there is no good outcome if Muammar Qaddafi stays. He's concerned about the conflict dragging on and what he calls bad timing:

"It still could be a very messy situation that takes a long time which is why those said if you're going to do this you should have done it sooner you should have done it more emphatically. The longer this lasts the better it is for Qaddafi."

Congressman Pat Meehan runs the subcommittee on terrorism. He's looking hard at Libya in terms of the message our policy is sending terrorists:

"With the reality, I mean I'm not trying to point fingers here at everybody, but if we do not have Qaddafi removed from power how long can we continue to be in the middle of what could be a sustained standoff."

Listen to extended interview:

Reported By Special Contributor Larry Kane, KYW Newsradio.

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