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Analysis: The Pennsylvania Primary

By Special Contributor Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –The Pennsylvania primary is a little more than three weeks away and there are five candidates competing for the Republican nomination for senate to oppose Democrat Bob Casey.

Steve Welch, from Malvern, is the endorsed Republican candidate for the nomination but it's a real battle with all the candidates stressing repeal of the health care law and the burden of taxes.

"So much of what we're seeing in Washington - we have a Washington that's overstepped its bounds in so many different ways that it's pricing Americans out of the global marketplace. The reason you're seeing companies be less competitive these days is because Washington is putting so many regulations - the hidden tax of the regulations in Washington is really starting to strike at the heart of small businesses, especially in this country."

There was little disagreement from candidates Steven Welch, David Christian and Mark Scaringi from Cumberland County. Scaringi thinks the economy could be devastated by the health care law now before the Supreme Court. Scaringi explains how Obama-care is impacting the economy, in a negative way.

"I've travelled all over Pennsylvania and I've talked to job creators, small businessmen and they say the reason why they're not hiring is because they've got this massive new health-care mandate staring them in the face and it's going to increase their costs and increase their bottom lines."

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