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An Uncertain Future For Philadelphia Red Light Cameras

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) - Despite optimism from the chairman of the state House Transportation Committee, the prospects for legislation that will extend Philadelphia's red light camera program remain in doubt.

After a meeting of the House Transportation Committee on Tuesday, Republican Richard Geist, the chairman of the panel, was upbeat about prospects that the House and Senate will reach an agreement to extend Philadelphia's red light camera program, set to expire June 30th.

"Some stuff has to be worked out," Geist says. "I think it'll get all worked out."

The disagreement has to do with the Senate's desire to expand the program to some other cities. And Stephen Miskin, spokesman for the House majority leader, is less optimistic about the outcome.

"We do expect the House to take up an extension of the Philadelphia red light camera program, but there's not much of an appetite to expand that program statewide."

And a spokesman for the Senate majority leader says the Senate is not likely to agree to extending the Philadelphia program without an expansion.


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