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An Audit Of Pennsylvania Election Results? Already Underway

CITY HALL (CBS) -- A University of Michigan computer security expert has raised alarms about election results in three key states, including Pennsylvania. He says audits should be conducted to be sure the results are accurate, and it's already being done in Pennsylvania, as it is after every election.

Philadelphia city commissioner Lisa Deeley said state law requires each county to audit a random sample of two percent of the vote.

"So that is the first step at looking at any need for any further audit."

She said that's already underway across Pennsylvania. Philadelphia vote totals were about what polls suggested they'd be and were in line with past elections, but results in Allegheny and Erie Counties were a surprise.

Deeley said the audit would show if there were a discrepancy between official vote tallies and paper audit tapes.

"If there's any red flags or inconsistencies, they'll be noted in that two percent and then we'll proceed accordingly," she said.

But it's not clear what that would mean. The law does not require a recount if anything's amiss in the audit. A campaign can ask for a recount, but the deadline to do so is Monday.


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