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Amid Another Pennsylvania Budget Gap, Talk Of Redesigning Government

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) -- A top state lawmaker is pushing an overhaul of state government as Pennsylvania faces another budget shortfall. And Governor Tom Wolf's budget secretary says his boss is open to the discussion.

With the fiscal year at the midway point, the state's budget deficit is now pegged at $600 million. Republican Dave Reed, the state House majority leader, says he's not interested in sales tax or income tax increases. But he is interested in restructuring Pennsylvania government, which he says hasn't changed much in 40 or 50 years.

"To balance a budget this year, we're going to have to determine what are the core functions of government, how do we deliver those services, and then what does a government apparatus look like?"

Budget Secretary Randy Albright says Governor Wolf is willing to discuss it. But he also says, "the administration will not abandon those hardest hit from the great recession."

Albright does say the administration will exhaust all options to restrain or reduce state spending before asking the legislature for more revenues.

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