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Survey: More Than Half Of Americans Unaware Illegal Immigrants Have Rights

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)--With American politics on the minds of so many, it's no wonder we find ourselves at the center of debate.

"I personally see it with social media and with friends," said Tanya Buckley of Willow Grove.

"I think online commentary is certainly heaviest. Everyone is a political expert online," said Keith McMenamin of Philadelphia.

So, does it surprise you to know that many Americans lack basic knowledge of civic affairs?

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A survey by the Annenberg Public Policy Center found more than half of U.S. citizens were unaware that illegal immigrants have rights.

But, they do in fact share some constitutional protections, including due process, as part of the 14th Amendment.

The same survey shows a third of us can't name any rights under the first amendment-- from freedom of speech, religion and the press to the right of assembly, and the right to petition the government.

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Only a quarter can name all three branches of government, which include executive, judicial and legislative.

"I can believe that," said McMenamin. "I probably would have been stumped on that one."

So, is it time for a refresher?

"People have to take it upon themselves to become more informed," said McMenamin.

"So, if you are debating or standing for something… you are better informed," added Buckley.

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