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American Freedom Defense Initiative Pres. On Muhammad Cartoons: If We Surrender Now, Freedom Of Speech Is A Relic

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Pamela Geller, President of American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), spoke with Talk Radio 1210 WPHT midday host Dom Giordano about her organization's new campaign to have cartoon depictions of the Prophet Muhammad on buses in Washington, D.C.

Geller says those who have fears about violence from outraged extremists who feel Muhammad should not be depicted should realize that these are very recent tactics, and that Muhammad has been drawn for the past 1,400 years without issue.

"This is clearly a 21st century tactic being used to impose Islamic law, and we cannot submit. The latest development is the media, the cultural and political elite, continue to self-enforce the Sharia without the consent of the American people. By refusing to show any depictions of Muhammad or showing how innocuous the cartoon was in Texas that jihadists opening fire trying to slaughter all of us. That's why we are running an ad featuring the winning cartoon by former Muslim, Bosch Fawstin, from our Muhammad art exhibit and cartoon contest in Garland, Texas. Let the American people see what the cowardly press is censoring in accordance with the blasphemy laws under the Sharia—under Islamic law."

Both Giordano and Geller agreed that Fawstin's cartoon is not objectionable or pornographic in any way, but fear what may happen if the cartoon is "censored."

"There is nothing about this cartoon that incites violence. It's clearly within the established American tradition of satire. If America surrenders on this point, freedom of speech is a relic of history, and if we give up on this, then they will have more demands: what we eat (pork), what we drink (alcohol). Look, we are seeing this in Europe, it may offend them and they may threaten violence. Do we give up then? Or how we dress, let's say unveiled women may offend them and they threaten violence for it. Do we give up then? At what point do we draw the line and say no more submission. We cannot submit to the assassin's veto...Do people really think that this is where it ends? 'If just don't let the cartooning and we will be saved.' Are you kidding?"

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