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Holmesburg residents on edge after Philadelphia prison escape

Authorities still searching for 2 men who escaped from Philadelphia prison
Authorities still searching for 2 men who escaped from Philadelphia prison 01:51

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Residents in Holmesburg are understandably a bit scared after two men escaped the Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center Sunday night. A playground and plenty of homes are located in Holmesburg about two to three blocks away from the prison complex.

But, residents do have their eyes out for the two men who escaped: 18-year-old Ameen Hurts and 24-year-old Nasir Grant.

"I've seen them on the news, yes!" Ken Allen, a Holmesburg resident, said.

The Department of Prisons says they are reviewing security tapes, staff assignments, and visitor logs from before, during and after the escape but that that will take days to complete.

For right now, residents remain on alert as both men are considered dangerous. 


"That one guy looks familiar," another man said of Hurst.

Hurst is accused of four murders, including one that allegedly happened on State Road outside the correctional facility.

Grant was being held on drug and gun charges. Police say the two inmates escaped from the PICC Sunday night.

Neighbors said they are feeling a bit uneasy about what happened in their own backyard.

Neighborhood on edge, reward offered after 2 escape Philadelphia jail 01:59

"What are the police doing about this? What is the mayor doing about it? Because people are at risk," Jay Grubb said. "Now, you're talking about potentially violent people being on the street."

"It doesn't make me feel comfortable seeing that anyone can break out of a prison, especially when someone has murder charges and are a danger to society," Trevor Scott said. 


"It is scary but I feel like when they escape from the prison I don't think they want to stay in the neighborhood," Allen said.

Most said living so close to a prison has never been an issue until now.

"Somebody dropped the ball," Allen said.

For these neighbors, what happened is only adding another layer of concern for crime in Philadelphia.

"Who's protecting the people of the city?" Grubb said.

"Hopefully Philadelphia gets better because I have to live here," Allen said.

Residents said they haven't noticed an increase in police patrolling the neighborhood since the escape.

The correctional center remains on lockdown through Friday.

The city has set a $20,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest of either escaped inmate.

Anyone who knows where they may be should call 911. 

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