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Allen West: Trump Has To Stop Taking The Bait

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Former Colonel and Congressman Allen West warned Donald Trump he has to do a better job of avoiding political traps set for him by the Democrats in wake of his dust up with a Muslim family whose son was killed while serving in Iraq.

West, talking with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said Trump should focus on winning the election.


"When I look at this kerfuffle that is going up with Mr Khan and Donald Trump, first of all, Donald Trump has to stop taking the bait and he has to pivot and define the narrative...We all grieve over the loss of our men and women in combat, but when you think about the fact that Mr Khan lost his son in 2004, now, all of the sudden, he wants to try come out and not really talk about the loss of his son, not really talk about the reason why his son was there fighting for liberty and freedom and to, hopefully, promote more democratic processes."

He also accused Democrats for trying to use the death of a soldier for political purposes.

"The hypocrisy is coming out. First of all, Mr. Khan got on the stage where the audience booed and heckled a Medal of Honor recipient. People need to bring that out. He was also up there on the stage where General Allen, who was standing there speaking, he was heckled. The former Secretary of Defense was speaking. He was heckled. This was not about national security. This was not about respecting the sacrifice of his son. I think that, also, when Mr. Khan stands up there and shakes the Constitution and asks Donald Trump if he's read the Constitution, he should ask the same of President Barack Obama, who has done many unconstitutional things."


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