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All-Natural Foods That Kids Will Love

We do not have to feed our kids processed sugar to keep them happy. There are plenty of foods out there that are tasty, healthy and all natural. Here are some food ideas to help keep your child satisfied, even if he/she is a picky eater.

Ants on a Log 

Make a tasty snack by putting all-natural peanut butter on some celery sticks and then top them with raisins. You can also use natural yogurt and peanuts instead.

Peanut Butter Hummus

Yes, peanut butter again. But who can really go wrong when kids love PB&Js so much? This is just another way to incorporate the high-protein peanut butter into a child’s diet without the extra carbs and sugar from the bread and jelly. You can easily make this hummus with the combination of chickpeas, natural peanut butter, olive oil, lemon/lime juice, garlic and salt. Then serve it with your child’s favorite veggies.


A good staple to every meal is applesauce. Make your own homemade version to ensure your child is getting the best, organic apples. Just peel, core and slice about 10 apples, submerge them in some water and lemon juice to prevent browning, bring to a boil, reduce heat and cover for 10-15 minutes until the apples are tender. Then drain the water and mash the apples using a food processor and puree. Return the pureed apples to a saucepan and add some more lemon juice, and boil again. Reduce heat and wah-lah, you have applesauce. You can even add some of your own spices to it, including cinnamon. Just check with your doctor first depending on your child’s age to make sure it is safe.

Fruit Leather

Once you have made your applesauce, try making some fruit leather. Just put some buttered parchment paper on a cookie sheet, spread the applesauce 1/8 inch thick, put it in a 170 degree F oven for 10-18 hours, or longer (so make a day out of it), and it dries the fruit to make it into a sticky, leathery roll, like a fruit roll-up.

Fruit with Yogurt Dip

Another good snack to give your kids a healthy sugar high is fruit with all-natural yogurt as a dip. Fruit has natural sugars, so it is a good substitute for refined sugar for those with a sweet tooth.

Start your child on a healthy diet early so they can make good decisions and be less picky eaters as they get older. The food we eat plays a big role in how our body functions and develops. Encourage your kids to eat more natural, wholesome foods in order to keep them healthy and strong.

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