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All-Girl Boy Scout Troop Making History In Chester County

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CHESTER COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) -- The first all-girl Boy Scout troop has formed in Chester County. The girls told Eyewitness News they decided to join Scouts BSA because the Girl Scouts didn't have everything they were interested in, like camping.

On Thursday, Eyewitness News joined the girls for their second official meeting.

They may look like girls, but these ladies are trail blazers.

They're breaking glass ceilings and can do just as much as the boys.

"The girls realize that they are a part of a historic moment in time. I think this energized them," Troop 19 scoutmaster Melissa Pendill said.

Girls Can Now Officially Join What Was Once The Boy Scouts

Troop 19 is one of the first all-girl Boy Scouts troops.

Scouts BSA is the name of the all-girls Boy Scouts of America.

After a lot of controversy, the Boy Scouts began accepting girls into their ranks at the start of February.

"At Girl Scouts, I do have a lot of fun, but I'm more into camping and we don't do as much camping. We learn more about social life and stuff but I wanted to do more camping," seventh-grader Violet Pendill said.

Pendill is one of three girls running for Troop 19 senior patrol leader.

"People may ask, 'Why are you doing a boy's job?' And I just respond, 'I'm different and I like to be outdoors,'" Violet said.

With every election comes a campaign.

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Each scout gave their speech, and the rest of the girls voted.

Though the girls know their decision to join Scouts BSA comes with some disagreement, they're willing to take on that challenge.

"It's really special that we all get to be here together and actually have a chance to make history," Violet said.

The Girl Scouts is now suing the Boy Scouts as a result of this decision.

The Girl Scouts accuse the Boy Scouts of using misleading advertising that might cause families to believe the two organizations have merged and are now one and the same.

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