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'Alien Yoga' Could Help With Digestion

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)--It's being dubbed "alien yoga," and video posted to social media sites shows people performing abdominal contorting moves.

"It falls under what we call breathing exercises," said Erik Burling, the owner of Roots Philly Yoga.

Burling says this move is a part of the Nahli Kria yoga moves meant to help cleanse and clean out the organs and muscles in the abdomen.

"When we're drawing the belly in, we're also drawing the intestines in. And by compressing the intestines, we're trying to get the food to move through our belly in a healthy manner," said Burling.

The moves are advanced, and Burling says they should not be tried by beginners.

"Really the only people who should be practicing this are people who've been practicing for many years, and with an established teacher who knows the technique," he said.

"You could lose control of your own breath, you could pass out."

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