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Alexa, Assisted Driving Tech Along For Ride At Philly Auto Show

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Inside some of the shiny new rides at the Philadelphia Auto Show: innovations designed to make your drive safer and more convenient.

Amazon's personal assistant is in the passenger seat in 2019 Toyotas:

"You'll be able to say, 'Alexa, turn my temperature up two degrees, I'm cold.' Or you may be able to say, 'Alexa, open my garage door.'"

The automaker's Trevor Richardson says natural voice commands keep your eyes on the road and off the controls. Outside the ride, you need only look at your smartwatch to know.

"How much fuel do I have? Check and see if you've left your window or moonroof open. You can lock and unlock your door. It has a vehicle finder."

Past the kids taking selfies with the storm trooper at Nissan's 'Star Wars'-themed display, product specialist Ken Paul talks up the new Rogue and all-electric Leaf:

"The car is going to slow down, stop, create that safe gap, restart, steer for you the whole way. So pick the middle lane and just lock in."

Its self-driving tech combines adaptive cruise control with lane centering assist.

"It takes a lot of fatigue and wear-and-tear off your brain."

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