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After Primary Loss, Neilson Will Resign Council To Run For State House

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- City Councilman Ed Neilson, who lost in the May Primary, will resign from Council later today in order to run for a vacant seat in the state House.

It was in August of last year that Ed Neilson was sworn in to City Council, to fill the seat made vacant by the resignation of Bill Green. But last month Neilson failed to win a Democratic Party nomination to run for re-election. So now Neilson is resigning Council to return to the state House.

"I feel good. I enjoyed my time in Council, and we learned a whole lot of stuff," said Neilson.

Neilson, a former political director for the electrician's union, Local 98, will now be the Democratic nominee to fill the House seat made vacant when John Sabatina was elected to fill a vacancy in the state Senate. A special election for that House vacancy and two others is slated for August 11th.

"A lot of things we try to do to build a better Philadelphia are pre-empted by state law, so we have to try and lift those barriers. I look forward to working with Council members (while) up in Harrisburg."

If Neilson wins, it will be his second election the state House. In 2012 he won a special election to fill a seat made vacant when Denny O'Brien resigned to go City Council. Neilson says the commute to Harrisburg is not really bad.

"I live 10.3 miles from City Hall and it takes me an hour and twenty minutes to get here every morning. It me an hour and a half to get to Harrisburg. So is it longer? Or is it a nicer ride?"

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