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Actress Tika Sumpter: My Mom Was Arrested For $10 Library Book Fine

By Briana White

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Actress Tika Sumpter claims her mother was arrested on Monday for an overdue library book. The 'South-side With You' actress took to Twitter to express her outrage revealing that her mother was allegedly apprehended in North Carolina for failing to pay a $10 fee on an overdue library book.

It is not yet clear which library issued the fine, but this is not the first time someone has been arrested for an overdue library fine. Most recently, a couple in Michigan was reportedly threatened with arrest for failing to return two overdue library books, and a Texas man was reportedly arrested and fined for the same reason three years ago.

Sumpter routinely kept her twitter page updated throughout the day eventually letting fans know that her mom has since been released. The most jarring part of the story, according to the actress, her mom returned the book a while back, but it was never put into the system.

She went on to say:

Let's hope this isn't the law in your town!

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