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AAA Throws Support Behind Higher Federal Gas Tax

By Jim Melwert

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. (CBS) - Would you pay an extra dollar-fifty every time you fill up your car to help fund highway repairs?  Today, AAA is endorsing a $0.12 per gallon hike in the federal gas tax.

AAA says a survey of adults shows a majority of people do favor a higher gas tax as long as it goes for highway improvement. "What we've seen from our most recent survey is that in fact two-thirds of Americans -- 68 percent -- believe that the federal government should be investing more than it does now on roads, bridges and mass transit," says AAA director of federal relations Avery Ash.

"We pay about $8 per month in fuel taxes," Ash says. "The average person is willing to pay about $5 more per person per month."

There's not a lot of support for the idea here in King of Prussia, "because Pennsylvania has already got higher gas prices than the surrounding states," says one driver. "So, no, I don't think it's a good idea."

This landscaper and contractor says with as much as he already spends on gas, an additional $0.12 per gallon would be crushing: "My gas last year was $21,000. You know, it's pathetic. You're killing us, guys."

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