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A Pair Of Trees To Avoid Planting

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Arbor Day's a good time to think about planting trees, and while you're thinking, here's one you DON'T want to plant -- the Callery Pear, or it's well-known cultivar the Bradford Pear tree.

You see their white blossoms everywhere this time of year, in parking lots and along streets, because they've been planted like crazy, but it turns out that was a big mistake. These trees have weak wood and, after growing for several years, big branches can crack off - and crash down onto your car or whatever's below.

Callery Pears also shoot up suckers you have to constantly cut down, and seedlings of these Asian trees are now invading our woodlands and crowding out our American trees. And if that's not enough, the blossoms smell stinky.

So plant a native dogwood, or a redbud, or a crabapple, a red maple, a white oak. But no matter how cheap the price is, don't waste any of your money or time planting a Callery or Bradford Pear tree.

For advice about controlling Callery Pear trees from the Pa. Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources click here.

Or, from the National Park Service, click here.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

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