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A New Website To Get Your Fix On Marijuana...News, That Is

by KYW's David Madden

PHILADELPHIA, PA (CBS) --  A former entertainment reporter for the Philadelphia Daily News is giving up his work in public relations to get back into journalism.

He's started a website to cover...the marijuana beat

Dan Gross is serious about his new web venture, On the one hand, he wanted to return to the news business. On the other, he wanted to venture into the budding, pardon the pun, cannabis industry in this country.

So he told KYW Newsradio, "Why not use my actual skills instead of trying to come up with something totally crazy in the cannabis landscape? Why not go back to reporting?"

He's doing more than that, though. He's editor, publisher and ad salesman, all rolled up in one, although he'll get help from a number of contributors who will supply material for the site. Gross says there'll be enough local news, as well as other issues that'll appeal to a national and even worldwide audience.

"The medical program that's going to roll out in Pennsylvania in 2018. Other issues related to criminal justice and marijuana. There's innovations in technology in marijuana. There's all kinds of businesses are popping up. Young entrepreneurs. Older entrepreneurs. People of different backgrounds who are getting involved in marijuana in a number of ways," he said.

New Jersey and Delaware already allow for medical marijuana, and there are pushes to legalize it for recreational use in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Those interested can follow Gross's effort on twitter @ElevatedNTN, through Facebook at or on Instagram @theelevatednation .

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