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A Local Play Raises Questions While Opening Minds About 2016 Election

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Philadelphia Theater Company is days away from closing a conversation-sparking production about a woman in her run for president.

Titled, Hillary and Clinton, the play is part comedy, part fantasy. It imagines an alternate universe where a woman named Hillary runs for president in a country called the United States of America.

Actor Alice M. Gatling plays Hillary says it will certainly make you think.

"It's set up in such a way to really make you question how much you really know about Hillary Clinton."

Gatling greets the audience from a hotel room in New Hampshire, as she's poised to lose her last Primary election in 2008. But Gatling's Hillary has few similarities to the real one, a reality that makes the audience think when it comes to gender, marriage and possibilities.

"You find out, oh wait, this isn't really stuff that happened because it's all fictional, but it gives you just enough to challenge yourself to say how much am I really taking in," she said.

Hillary and Clinton runs through Sunday at the Suzanne Roberts Theater.

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