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A Cellist With Philadelphia Orchestra Shares Battle With MS In New Book

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Multiple sclerosis is a common, debilitating neurological disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. But it picked the wrong target in a cellist with the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Bob Cafaro is no stranger to hard work. He writes in his memoir "When the Music Stopped, My Battle and Victory against MS," that relentless practice at music school allowed him to succeed when others, perhaps more talented, coasted. That served him well when peripheral numbness and vision loss led to a devastating diagnosis.

"In August of '99, I had a complete series of MRIs done and my brain was filled with active lesions. I had well over 50. In 2013, I had a complete series of MRIs of the brain and spinal cord and everything is clear and there are no traces of the disease any more," Cafaro said.

Carafo credits a combination of profuse hydration, strict natural diet, tailored supplements, Olympic level exercise and a positive attitude for his recovery. He has to keep it up, even when on tour. Cafaro, who lays out the specifics in detail, admits that others may benefit from slightly different formulas, but one of the keys is to be all-in to beat the disease.

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