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94WIP Personalities Predict The Sixers Draft

By Andrew Porter (@And_Porter)

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- I've wanted Andrew Wiggins in a Sixers uniform since I saw his YouTube highlights and started reading about him two years ago. The kid is a freak athlete and you can't teach freak athleticism. With the third overall pick and Joel Embiid now with a broken foot, the Sixers can all but kiss Wiggins goodbye--unless Sam Hinkie can work his draft day magic for the second straight year. And with two top-ten picks, five second-round picks, and essentially unlimited cap space, anything is possible for Sam the man.

But enough about what I think, because who am I? Let's see what the 94WIP loud mouths in this city have to say about the Sixers draft.

Angelo Cataldi (@WIPMorningShow)

They will take Joel Embiid with the third pick of the draft because they love to take big guys that don't play at all. Ultimately, it will fail. Guys like that don't survive.

Rob Charry (@RobCharry)

I think they're getting Wiggins at No. 3. I think he falls to three, but it would not surprise me if they took Joel Embiid. At No. 10, they'll prob take a guy I don't want--like Garry Harris. I like Nik Stauskas over Doug McDermott and Gary Harris. I think Stauskas has more potential.

Ray Didinger

I believe the Sixers will roll the dice and select Joel Embiid with the third pick. It is a huge gamble, but they demonstrated with the decision to acquire Nerlens Noel that they are willing to wait on a potential game changer. I wouldn't do it -- I would trade down -- but I think Embiid will be the pick.

Rob Ellis (@RobEllis94)

I said from the moment that it was revealed the Sixers would be picking in the top three of the NBA Draft, that all was fine. Whomever they got of the "big three" would be satisfactory. My preference was Jabari Parker, but Andrew Wiggins or Joel Embiid were far from consolation prizes. But Embiid's navicular bone threw a serious monkey wrench into the plans. There are a variety of ways the club can attack this draft. But any way you slice it, we're going to find out about Sam Hinkie, whose job got considerably more difficult.

"Silent Sam" did great in his rookie campaign recognizing he had to gut the house. Michael Carter-Williams was the rookie of the year. Nerlens Noel will grow into a legit defensive presence and they have enough cap room to land LeBron James (not happening, but let yourself dream for a minute). Having that flexibility will allow them to take on expiring contracts (see Steve Nash) if necessary come Thursday night. This could be a key. So Hinkie passed year one with flying colors. Year two is more complicated.

Whatever happens, this draft will be the most important draft for the Sixers since 1996 when they selected Allen Iverson. And it will a nerve-wracking, thrilling night. Enjoy.

Marc Farzetta (@MarcFarzetta)

I would try to move Thaddeus Young and their first second rounder for a late first round pick. I think Embiid getting hurt improves the chance the Sixers get him at No. 3.

Joe Giglio (@JoeGiglioSports)

Despite the cost, trading up to No. 1 (even if it means moving Thad Young and/or the No. 10 pick) and drafting Andrew Wiggins would be the best move. If the Sixers stay at No. 3, selecting Joel Embiid isn't an awful choice, as long as team doctors believe he can make a full recovery. Fans may be impatient, but 2014-15 isn't about winning games, it's about another year of building and adding assets.

Big Daddy Graham (@BigDaddyGraham)

The Sixers will do whatever it takes--including trading up--to get Wiggins. If Wiggins is gone, they'll take whoever of the big three is left. If all three of those guys are gone, look for the Sixers to go to the bi-coastal blue route offense this year.

Brian Haddad (@BrianJHaddad)

They threw away a whole season to get a player for the next decade. If they think Wiggins is that guy, I would do whatever it takes to get him. Personally, I think Parker is that guy.

Jon Johnson (@jonjohnsonwip

The 76ers went 19-63 last season for a reason, and it wasn't for complimentary players. The NBA is a superstar league, and the two biggest names with potential superstar written on them are within grasp. If you want to build this franchise and attract other players, you must start there. There has not been a lock since Lebron, so every draft pick is a risk. Short of pulling a Daniel Synder in Washington, Sam Hinkie has to do what is necessary to acquire Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker.

Paul Jolovitz (@JollyWIPradio)

Joel Embiid is the best player in this draft, and it is not close.  He has superior offensive and defensive skills, and a ceiling that says I have only been at this game for three years and I have greatness waiting to be exhaled.  Oh, and a dual question mark that says bad back and bad foot, a classic catch-22 as Silent Sam and his crew await pick No. 3.  I am not the biggest fan of Wiggins' motor or Parker's athleticism, and see them both as nice players but closer to Robin than Batman. Embiid is a real caped crusader.  Holy low post Batman, this is a toughie.  I say, do it, take Embiid. Draft for upside, not position and at No. 10 with a Nik Stauskas or Doug McDermott, they can complete a historic night.  Cross your fingers, life is about risk and reward.  Here we go.

Glen Macnow (@RealGlenMacnow)

I would love to see them ensure they get Wiggins or Parker at any cost. I believe they will stay at No. 3 and draft an Australian kid none of us has ever seen.

Jody McDonald (@JodyMacMan)

Personally, I think the Sixers are screwed. They now have the third pick in a draft that it looks like has two given super stars.  They will now probably take Joel Embiid, red shirt him like Nerlens Noel this past year.

New team slogan: 'Together we build...for 2020!!'

Al Morganti (@Nufced)

They'll take the broken-foot guy and it will be a good move.

Ike Reese (@Ike58Reese)

I hope they stay at No. 3 and take whichever of the big three remains (Wiggins, Parker, or Embiid). What I would do at No. 10 would have to compliment what I did at three, position wise. I'd be OK with them taking Embiid at No. 3 and Gary Harris at No. 10.

Adam Reigner (@AdamReigner)

There's only two moves the Sixers can make that would piss me off. Trading MCW and drafting Embiid. The best player to come out of this draft in 10 years won't be Parker or Wiggins, but Julius Randle. My prediction is the Sixers trade down a couple spots and end up coming out of this draft with three top-20 picks instead of taking an injuried big man or an 18-year-old, in Exum.

Hollis Thomas (@DaRealTank78)

I hope they don't get Embiid, that's all I hope. I like Aaron Gordon, I like Doug McDermott, and I like Julius Randle.

Steve Trevelise 

I'm saving my pick exclusively for my Friday overnight show.


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