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LISTEN: 'Everybody Is Conscious': 911 Call Gives Glimpse Into Terrifying Moments After Drexel Hill Medical Helicopter Crash

DELAWARE COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) -- Officials have released the 911 audio from Tuesday's medical helicopter crash in Drexel Hill, giving insight into the terrifying moments after the aircraft crashed in front of a church with four lives -- including a baby girl's -- onboard. The audio came out Thursday afternoon.

The person who placed that call and whose voice you will hear is flight medic Kevin Chaffee.

The audio is of Chaffee calling 911, explaining, "Ma'am, everybody is conscious. I have one that is not alert, the pilot. He's a male in his late 40s."

"Is he breathing?" the dispatcher asks.

"He is breathing, he is talking," Chaffee said. "My main concern right now is the 2-month-old child. I need an ambulance here right away."

In what can only be described by many as a miracle landing, the chopper was heading to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, when it crashed near the Drexel Hill United Methodist Church just before 1 p.m.

That 2-month old baby girl is the reason the flight was in the air to begin with.

The child's parents were not on the flight, as is customary. Instead, the pilot, a crew member and flight medic Chaffee were entrusted with her care and together, with heroic passersby on the ground, made sure she made it to her final destination.

The pilot, whose name we now know is Danial Moore, was seriously hurt in the accident. But, the sure-handed and quick-thinking aviator's actions saved countless lives -- the four on-board the helicopter and countless others on the ground in this neighborhood.

The chopper was removed from the area Wednesday night for further investigation. Federal officials say it could be a year to conclude the investigation.

CBS3's Siafa Lewis contributed to this report.

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