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90-Year-Old Man Shares Passion For Ice Skating

by Vittoria Woodill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A 90-year-old man is doing what he loves best, and it is keeping him young at heart.

Art Tatios is 90 years old, and every week he laces up his skates at the Philadelphia Skating Club in Ardmore.

And every week he takes the ice with a child-like desire to simply play.

"It's next to flying, as far as movement goes. It's graceful, if you make it graceful and it's done to music," Art says.

Shakespeare once said, that the earth has music for those who listen, and for Art, the ice is his earth and his inspiration to dance.

"I wanted to move, and shoe dancing is all stationary. I wanted to glide and do turns and stuff," Art explained.

He relates the feeling of ice skating to the fluid movements of swimming

"You know how swimming is, when you're in the water, and freely moving, and every part of your body is cooperating. The same thing happens here. This involves your entire body," said Art.

And although his turns may not be what they once were, it doesn't stop Art from gliding.

"I know I'm not doing anything at all, I'm just hacking around, but I've gotten to the point where I've accepted it. You cannot be self-conscious or embarrassed, you can go out there and do your thing, and that's what keeps me going," Art said.

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