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78-Year-Old Woman Recalls Being Viciously Beaten, Carjacked By Group Of Teens In Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A vicious attack caught on camera shows a man surrounded by a group on motorcycles and ATVs and was not only jumped but barraged by garbage, bricks, and cinder blocks. On Thursday night, Philadelphia Police say a person of interest is in custody.

The brutal attack on the 1100 block of South Broad Street quickly went viral on social media, which ultimately helped police take one person into custody.

Philadelphia Police say the suspect faces aggravated assault charges. But these attacks are becoming more common in the City of Brotherly Love.

"They knew I couldn't fight them. I was vulnerable," 78-year-old Angie Bellissima said.

Bellissima was viciously attacked by a group of teens back in January. She says the teens stalked her before the attack, and took off in her vehicle.

"They pushed me down. As I was falling, they pepper-sprayed my face and I fell to the ground. I just had cancer surgery so I fell on these fingers," Bellissima said.

The victim tells us the teens didn't stop there.

"I rolled to the other side and she punched me on the other side and she hesitated, came back and punched me in my face," Bellissima said.

Bellissima suffered from a stress heart attack as a result of the incident.

Thankfully, police were able to arrest two of the suspects. She says the city is changing for the worst and is urging others to stay alert.

"The kids have no respect anymore. They don't respect elders, they don't respect property," Bellissima said.

Bellissima's car was later found in the Poconos, with stolen plates and was totally destroyed.

She now has to foot the bill for a new vehicle.

The juvenile suspect in Angie's carjacking will appear in court on Monday.

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