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6 Hobbies You Didn't Know Pro Athletes Had

By Alex Darcey

When you turn on your TV to watch your favorite sports athlete, most of the time you only see these competitors as sports figures. Sometimes we forget that they are humans just like me and you. Most of these players have an interesting life full of passions outside their respective sports. We interviewed a ton of big name athletes on CBS Local's Pre-Game Playlist and Player Style Files and I've compiled a list of the most interesting answers to the question - "When you aren't playing your sport, what is your favorite thing to do?"

1. Jason Hammel, Pitcher for the Chicago Cubs - Collecting Legos. (Although he is 31, you are never too old for Legos.)

Jason Hammel

2. Chris Ogbonnaya, Full Back for the Cleveland Browns - Playing the Guitar. (Pretty sweet skills too!)

Pre-Game Playlist: Chris Ogbonnaya by CBS Local Sports on YouTube

 3. Patrick Chung, Safety for the New England Patriots - Drawing. 

Patrick Chung


4. Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, Professional Boxer - Go-Kart Racing and Horseback Riding. (The dude rides horses bareback.)

Canelo Go-Kart

Canelo Horseback

5. Stevie Johnson, Receiver for the San Francisco 49ers - Rapper/Song Writer. 

 6. Shane Proctor, Professional Bull Rider - Building Custom Leather Goods

Shane Proctor


You can check out all of our Pre-Game Playlists and Player Style Files here at

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