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50,000 Honeybees Found In New Jersey Apartment Building

JERSEY CITY, N.J. (CBS) – Boxes and boxes of honeybees are finally out of a four-story apartment building in Jersey City. That's all thanks to the work of a beekeeper who goes by the name "Mickey."

Mickey found about 50,000 bees in a six-foot give under the building's moulding.

Then he started the process of getting the bees out.

"Very slow moving tedious work, you have to make sure you get each piece out," Mickey said. "I mean we're trying to save the bees here."

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It took Mickey six hours to remove all of the honeycombs and relocate the colony to a farm with the help of the queen bee.

It is swarm season.

If your home has a hive, experts recommend hiring a professional.

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