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Small Business Sales Trends: 5 Tips For Selling To Millennials

Marketing to millennials breaks away from the traditional methods we've seen used on baby boomers and the Gen Xers. Millenials are one of the fastest growing demographics topping 80 million. Staying on top of their methods of communication is one of the smartest ways to capture their attention. The landscape changes constantly, which means you need to keep your approach fresh. This can seem daunting, so use these tips to reach the ever important millenial generation.


Social media push

If your company is not on social media you are not targeting any of the millennial demographic. Keep in mind that the numbers speak volumes when it comes to those that are using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and so forth. Knowing the level of audience interaction, these platforms offer integration from one another to really sell your product, service and brand. A survey done in 2016 by Fluent showed that 41 percent of millennials use social media every day.

Think mobile

There's an app for that! Today's use of mobile is indicative of the need to get fast, easy access to content. Millennials not only use their phones to make phone calls and text messaging, but they are also shopping, navigating, playing music, measuring health, playing games and much more. There needs to be a mobile resource for your millennial customers. These devices are ubiquitous at this point, and any business not considering mobile engagement is missing out on a huge opportunity.

Be quick and to the point

For this generation, curiosity comes with a short attention span in regards to information. If you have their attention, make sure the pitch is on point and has clarity. Don't confuse this with attention deficiency because millennials can be very loyal if the point or product captures their attention. You need to maintain the balance of what they need to know and what they want in a short concise manner. Focus on the benefits of your product or service with a straight to the point pitch.

Content is king

Knowing how to market your business will be very important. Bring in all the elements mentioned previously. Social media is a reigning force, and knowing how to present your content on each platform is important. Studies have shown that while 25 percent of millennials ages 25-34 are on Instagram every day, 34 percent of younger millennials 18 to 24 are using the platform daily. Let's not stop there. There is also 30 percent of millennials 18 to 24 that are on Snapchat every day compared to a mere 19 percent of older millennials ages 25 to 34. That means, in order to get your company noticed on these platforms you need to know how to create your content and cater it to each specific platform.

Collaborate to succeed

The days of the hard sell is in the past. The culture millennials have cultivated with social media and technology thrives on collaboration. That is something major brands have recognized, and you see many teaming up with influential bloggers and vloggers so that they can reach that millennial demographic. Businesses leverage these collaborations by gifting goods, creating sponsored posts, doing giveaways, contests and more. Finding the appropriate influencer can take your brand to the next level and your business can thrive in the millennial market.


This article was written by Elle Toussi for CBS Small Business Pulse

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