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5 Mother's Day Themed Gift Basket Ideas

What are your plans for Mother’s Day this year? Are you taking mom out to brunch as usual? Or gifting her with the same dozen tulips you’ve given her every year? Instead of the same old gifts, why not put some thought into something special for your mom? Gift baskets are always a fun way to go and your mom will love checking out all the themed goodies you came up with. Remember that the basket is part of the gift, so try to think outside the usual woven box and look for unique ways to present your gift. Here are a few different themed basket ideas to get you started.

Sew What

Sewing Gift Basket Mother\'s Day
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For the mom who loves to sew and craft, this basket will bring an instant smile to her face. Start with a great sewing basket and simply fill it with all the sewing accessories she could ever want. A great pair of scissors always makes a huge difference, and you can get some inexpensive fabric in great colors to roll up for the basket. Add some bobbins, needles, pins, a fun or funky pin cushion, a pretty measuring tape and anything else she may need. Then, instead of cellophane to wrap the whole basket, wrap it in a fun fabric that she can re-use to make something stylish.

The Coffee Break

Coffee Gift Basket Mother\'s Day
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Many people will love a great coffee-themed gift basket, so make one to show your mom that you care. Pick out the best coffee you can, then find lot of other items to include in the basket. A couple of pretty mugs, some cookies to dip in the coffee, some fancy chocolates, flavored creamers, a travel mug and flavored coffee syrups would all be excellent additions to this coffee-themed basket. Then, load them all into a pretty basket or even an old coffee can for a stylish take on the traditional gift basket.

Spa Time

Spa Day Gift Basket Mother\'s Day
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Mother’s Day is all about pampering the most important woman in your life, so start it out right with a spa-themed gift basket. Start with a handy makeup case as the basket, then load it up with a few very special items. Try some luxurious bubble bath and a face mask, then add it a fabulous-smelling lotion and anything else that can help her relax. An eye mask, warm socks, a pedicure kit or even a gift certificate to a nearby spa would all be excellent additions to this gift basket. Then wrap it all up with the best soft towel or bathrobe you can find and watch your mom’s eyes light up as she imagines her day of relaxation.

Date Night

Date Night Gift Basket Mother\'s Day
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There’s no doubt about it. Your mom works hard. So show her how much you care with a special night off for her and her sweetie. Grab a movie-themed basket or tin and fill it with a new DVD of something you know your mom will want to see. Then include some popcorn, candy and other snacks or amp up the gift with some homemade hot chocolate mix or fancy chocolates. You can also include a bottle of wine and a couple of pretty wine glasses, a gift certificate to the movies or a nearby restaurant (or both) or some comfy slippers to wear while she’s watching the movie. The sky is the limit with this one, so find some fun stuff and make a great gift.

Gardening Basket

Gardening Gift Basket Mother\'s Day
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One of the most popular gifts for Mother’s Day is gardening equipment or supplies, so take it one step further and put it all together in a fun gift basket. Grab a large terra cotta pot or a big watering can as the basket and fill it with seed packets, a kneeling cushion, pretty gardening gloves, gardening tools, some starter plants and a gardening magazine or book (or two.) You can even hand paint some fun, inexpensive terra cotta pots for a handmade touch to your Mother’s Day gift basket. If your mom has a green thumb, then this is one gift she’s sure to love.

Deborah Flomberg is a theater professional, freelance writer and Denver native. Her work can be found at

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