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43 Percent of Americans Use Smartphone Within 5 Minutes of Waking Up: Survey

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)—A new survey finds that 43 percent of Americans go for their smartphone during the first five minutes of waking up.

According to the Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2016, Americans have trouble putting the phones down as well, with 35 percent of Americans browsing within five minutes of hitting the pillow.

Deloitte -- who interviewed roughly 2,000 people ages 18-74 for the survey -- says Americans are using their phones about 47 times a day, and that number rises with 18-24 year-olds at 82 times per day.

The growing trend is thanks partly to the expanding functionality of the phones.

The study also finds for the first time across all age groups, 35 percent of consumers say the first thing  they access on their phones are their text messages:

- Text Messages: 35 percent

- Emails: 22 percent

- Social Networks: 12 percent

- Weather: 7 percent

- Voicemails: 4 percent

- News: 3 percent

- Surfing the web: 2 percent


As our phones continue to be entrenched in the daily lives of Americans, so does the transmission of personal data — making privacy a top priority.

But some users are more willingly to share info on their own terms.

"Consumers are not necessarily averse to sharing information. In fact their willingness to do so has increased since last year, particularly among younger consumers," says Deloitte. "But they want to be the ones to determine what information gets shared. For example, more than half of consumers interested in connected devices express willingness to share usage data with companies, as long as they can choose which information to share. While only a small percentage of younger consumers are not aware of sharing any information, this number increases to one in three for the 55-plus-year-olds. "

Youngest aren't always the trendsetters

In past surveys, Deloitte says the youngest generation usually shows the highest level of interest in use, but this year 25-34 are leading the charge.

Of the 25-34 age group, 44 percent of them say they buy the latest devices as soon as they enter the market, beating out the 23 percent of 18-24 year-olds.

The possible shift is something Deloitte believes could just be a "generation that grew up with technology coming into its own" or the group's "ability to pay" for the devices.

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