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4 More Nonprofits Push For Reforms In Next Philadelphia Teachers Contract

By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - A group pushing for reforms in the next Philadelphia teachers contract has a few new members.

The Coalition for Effective Teaching, a three-month-old group of nonprofits endorsing changes in the next teachers pact, is adding four new groups:  The Urban Affairs Coalition, Parent Power, the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia, and the NAACP.

Jerome Mondesire is president of the NAACP:

"We at the NAACP decided to join this coalition because in real simple terms, these changes make good common sense."

The coalition favors changes including the effective end of seniority to fill teaching vacancies, and giving teachers raises for taking leadership roles in school, instead of automatic pay bumps for advanced degrees.

"We're not trying to dictate union policy for the future," Mondesire said. "We want to urge the union to make good common sense changes."

The current teacher contract expires at the end of August.

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