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4 Drivers Rack Up More Than $21,000 In Unpaid Tolls On Pennsylvania Turnpike, Bucks County DA Says

BUCKS COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) - The Pennsylvania Turnpike is continuing to crack down on toll cheats. Authorities have charged four more drivers with theft for repeatedly dodging tolls at Pennsylvania Turnpike entrances in Bucks County.

The drivers racked up more than $21,000 in unpaid tolls from hundreds of trips on the turnpike over several years, according to authorities.

From top left to right: Christian M. Rodriguez, Tatyana Yarmolyuk, Torr J. Robinson and Shirley Chaplin-Sowell.

The Bucks County District Attorney's Office says one of the drivers, 41-year-old Christian Rodriguez, of Willow Grove, took 186 unpaid rides between September 2013 and April 2019, stealing a total of $8,018.40.

Tatyana Yarmolyuk, 37, of Green Lane, allegedly drove the turnpike without paying 136 times between March 2012 and October 2018 for unpaid tolls of $5,300.56.

Torr Robinson, 33, of Philadelphia, made 252 unpaid trips between September 2013 and November 2017 worth $5016.10.

Shirley Chaplin-Sowell, 39, of Philadelphia, rode without paying 65 times between April 2017 and March 2018, earning a bill of $2,850.05.

In June, the Bucks County District Attorney's Office told CBS3 it was clamping down on toll evaders, charging four of the Pennsylvania Turnpike's most egregious toll cheats. The latest arrests mark the third round of charges filed in Bucks County.

Officials say Bucks County's turnpike interchanges are among the most frequently abused in the state.

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