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3 Snow Chances In The Next 5 Days

By Katie Fehlinger

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Delaware Valley may not see a significant warm up -- or even a seasonable day -- until AFTER the Super Bowl!

Our current pattern of bitter cold should continue for at least the next two weeks, complemented by a few quick-moving disturbances, or clippers.

In fact, three separate clippers will reinforce the cold over the next five days. They'll also bring more snow potential.

Clipper #1, a weak system, comes Thursday night. As it drags a cold front through our area, it likely has enough uplift to trigger a few scattered snow showers Thursday afternoon/evening. Don't expect more than a coating of snow, and some spots won't even see a flake. However, PM travel Thursday may feature minor issues with poor visibility, slick or slow travel.

Clipper #2 has a little more gusto. It arrives Saturday with more moisture to work with and is expected to leave a modest coating-2" in more widespread coverage in our region through the daylight hours.

Clipper #3 (Sunday night into Monday) had been showing potential to be the "next big thing" with recent model guidance. However, the very latest information into the Eyewitness Weather Center keeps this system to our north. Though we could still see some light snow showers, it's more of a wind-producing, cold air enforcer. That could change as it's farther out in the forecast, and we'll update you as things evolve.

The bigger story is still the cold. Normal highs in late January would warm into the low 40's, and there's no shot of temperatures climbing that high until the beginning of February. In fact, only 2 of the next 7 days are likely to even break out of the mid 20's.

Stay bundled up, and all aboard the clipper train!


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