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3 Cheers: Hall Of Fame Inductee Jon Bon Jovi Never Forgot His Roots

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- It's easy to see Jon Bon Jovi loves what he does.

And now we know he'll go down in history as a hall of famer--one of the very best in rock and roll.

"Thanks for inducting us into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Longtime comin', but it's finally here," said Bon Jovi in a video to his fans.

It's been years in the making for the rocker and his band--31 years to be exact, over 2,600 concerts and over 120-million albums sold.

It's difficult to stay relevant in the music industry for even a few years, much less decades.

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But as the band's leader, Jon Bon Jovi always had passion on his side, driving him to create and reinvent.

That passion carried over to helping those in need, especially here in Philadelphia and his native New Jersey.

The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation funds and supports several philanthropic endeavors in the area, including JBJ Soul Homes for formerly homeless and low-income people in Philly.

Soon fans here and the world over will celebrate his most recent accomplishment.

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"We'll see you guys in Cleveland. Thanks for all the memories and the history we continue to make together," said the rocker.

And thank you for showing us all passion can light the way, leading to professional and personal greatness.

For that, we give Jon Bon Jovi three cheers

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