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Two 65-Year-Old Women Tied Up, Terrorized By 3 Home Invasion Suspects: Philly Police

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)—City police are investigating after two 65-year-old women were tied up and terrorized by three home invasion suspects on Friday morning.

It happened around 2 a.m. in the 2100 block of South 66th Street in Southwest Philadelphia.

Police tell CBS 3 that two Vietnamese women were bound with speaker wire and at least one of the victims was punched in the face by a suspect.

The victims also told police that one of the suspects held a knife to her throat and demanded money.

It was the loud yelling from the suspects that prompted a neighbor to call the police.

Once on the scene, officers found the back door kicked and the women tied up inside their home.

Police say they arrested all three suspects--two black men and one Asian man-- after they were found hiding inside the residence. Two of them were armed with handguns.

"It could have been much worse," said Lt. John Walker. "Going up into a second floor with three people, two armed, in two separate bedrooms and rescuing these two women out of this house safely and then taking these three individuals into custody is a great thing for everybody."

Walker said police were called quickly because neighbors realized something wasn't right.

"I think everybody is relieved, we're relived. When you make an entry into a house with two armed men, the officers did a phenomenal job in bringing this situation under control. It could have been much worse," said Walker.

Investigators are looking into whether these suspects are involved in a number of armed robberies targeting Asian-owned business in Southwest and West Philadelphia, but police say the two victims are retired and do not own any businesses.

The victim that was assaulted declined medical attention, police say.

The motive for the attack remains under investigation.

Police are investigating if these women were targeted.

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