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2 Senators Visit Philly To Hear Concerns From LGBT Community; Speak Out Against Immigration Ban

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- U.S. Senators Bob Casey of Pennsylvania and Corey Booker of New Jersey visited a coffee shop in Center City Sunday to speak with members of the LGBT community about their concerns with President Trump.

Booker cautioned those in attendance to keep partisanship out of their equal rights efforts.

"When we start drawing lines, saying this is a Republican issue or a Democratic issue, we actually lose, as opposed to saying this is an American issue," Booker said.

He also urged people use their wallets to support worthy grassroots organizations.

After the event, both Booker and Casey spoke out against President Trump's refugee ban.

"If there's a defect in the screening process, he should tell us that and we should work on it together," Casey said. "But he hasn't done that and I think that's why we're seeing these federal judges checking his actions."

"If a person has legal papers to come into our country, has gone through extreme processes and has served our military, it shouldn't have to take a court to tell Donald Trump that was wrong," Booker added.

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