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2 More Heat-Related Deaths Reported As Residents Finally Enjoy Break In Heat In Philadelphia Area

ARDMORE, Pa. (CBS) -- A lot of people CBS3 spoke with Tuesday say they were ready for a break from the heat. From eating outside to shopping and playing outside, we have seen it all Tuesday.

This weather is a welcomed relief, but we're also learning just how dangerous that eight-day stretch of excessive heat was.

After more than a week of brutal heat, many people are stepping out of the air conditioning and taking advantage of a cloudy and cooler day in Ardmore.

"It's much nicer. The rain was a welcomed relief yesterday and cooled it off a little bit," Andy Trentacoste said.

Lancaster Avenue was filled with people shopping, eating outdoors and riding with the top down for the first time in eight days.

"It's a lot better when it can be down because it's like breezy and it's not as hot as it used to be," Ash Trentacoste said.

But the brutal heat proved to be dangerous and deadly.

The Philadelphia Health Department says two more heat-related deaths were reported Monday, on top of two other deaths in the city over the weekend and one in the Lehigh Valley.

In New Jersey, residents and businesses are now being asked to conserve water, a proactive step during a prolonged period of hot and dry weather.

The extreme heat also stranded thousands of drivers around the Philadelphia area. AAA saw its highest call volume Monday with cars overheating and batteries dying.

"In the Philadelphia area, we saw over 11,000 calls. Forty percent of those calls were due to batteries that failed or tires that actually blew out," Rob Moorman said.

But Tuesday offered some relief.

At Roberto Clemente Park in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia kids were running around the playground, spending summer camp back outside instead of spending most of the day stuck indoors.

"So it's really nice today to have a good time with them," Taj Davis said.

AAA says if your car survived this heat wave that doesn't mean it will survive the next one. You should keep up with the maintenance and have your battery checked. They only last about three to five years in this area with the extreme hot and extreme cold. Check your tire pressure and have your fluids topped off.

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