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1 Child Killed, 1 Hospitalized In Chester Crash

By: Elizabeth Hur

CHESTER, Pa., (CBS) – Two young friends in the wrong place at the worst time -- an accident injured one and killed his friend.

A car and truck collided and the accident spilled onto the sidewalk.

It all happened in Chester, Delaware County.

Just released from the hospital, on crutches and his right leg in a brace, 11-year-old Tyvaun Frison recalled feeling numb when according to him, the driver of a Monte Carlo hit him.

Frison said, "The person that was driving the car was trying to turn but it hit me, the Monte Carlo, the red truck hit Ratshey."

Ratshey is the nickname, friends say, of the 10-year-old victim pronounced at the scene.

Frison's mother, Tiesha Spriggs said, "The little boy was just here with us for two days straight, it's sad. It's very sad."

It happened Monday afternoon on Highland Avenue just off 9th Street. Police say they have learned preliminarily, as a Ford F-350 truck traveled south on Highland, a Monte Carlo traveling east on West 9th Street turned south on Highland Avenue. The vehicles collided, jumping the curb and striking two boys.

Kyree Spriggs was the third boy there. He escaped unscathed but he witnessed it all.

Kyree explained, "I saw the red car speeding down, that's when the other car was turning and that's when they hit each other."

At the time, Spriggs was walking on the sidewalk with his cousin Tyvaun and their 10-year-old friend.

Tiesha Spriggs said, "It could have been so many lives taken today. Everybody needs to slow down because there are kids out here, it's the summer time, they want to play. They don't have to worry about cars jumping the curb or anything like that."

At the request of the 10-year-old's family, Eyewitness News is withholding his name.

In the meantime, while several eyewitnesses told us speed was a factor, police tell us their investigation is continuing. Police say drivers of both vehicles are cooperating and charges are pending the outcome of the investigation.

Chester and County Detectives responded with their Accident Investigation Units to assist.

Anyone with information please contact Chester Police Officer Charles Harris 610-447-8448 or CID Investigator Matt Cresta 610-891-4700.

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