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18-Year-Old Falsely Claims She Was Sexually Assaulted By Another Woman Because She Was Mad At Her Husband, DA Says

UPLAND, Pa. (CBS) -- Prosecutors say a Delaware County teenager falsely claimed she was sexually assaulted by another woman because she was mad at her husband. Eighteen-year-old Shian Mengini, of Upland, was charged by the Delaware County District Attorney's Office with making a false report.

Prosecutors say Mengini initially told police on April 20 that she was sexually assaulted within her residence by a woman she met online.

On April 25, Mengini's husband told police that his wife was receiving threatening messages from the other woman's husband. When detectives interviewed Mengini, authorities say she admitted sending the threatening messages to herself using spoofed numbers.

She also allegedly told authorities the sexual encounter was consensual and said she made up the story about being sexually assaulted because she was mad at her husband and had nothing else to do with her time because she didn't have friends in the area.

"In Delaware County, we take any report of assault seriously. The fact that Shian Mengini fabricated this serious allegation because she was angry with her husband and bored is both criminal and inexcusable," said Delaware County District Attorney Katayoun Copeland.

Mengini was arraigned Wednesday and her preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 16.

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