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18 Game Schedule

  I've heard all the arguments against it and I'm all for it. I think the NFL is the only business that could make you pay full price for an inferior product. I'm talking about the last pre season game. With ticket prices as much as 400 dollars a game, why should you be forced to pay for the backups? Make that a regular season game, and the one before it as well. If the players complain, get other players, they'll come. In fact the players won't complain because they'll get more money, as if the millions they are already getting are not enough. As for what happens to them in the future, that's the price you pay for the present. They know that going in. There are many other jobs, for much less pay where the risk of debilitating injuries including death are greater but men just suck it up and do it. Police, Firemen, Soldier,etc

 How many hits do hockey players take in a game? How much less money do they make? If teams had to plan for 18 games, they'd do a better job of stocking their rosters, maybe those veterans that get cut because the teams don't want to pay them their union longevity  could hang around longer. Maybe the quality of talent improves because these guys on the bottom of the roster may actually have to play and play alot.
  The players make more money, the owners make more money, the fans get more for their money. Wouldn't you rather have seen the starting Eagle team last night playing a regular season game than the backups for the same price?  Can there be too much of a good thing? not when you're adding 2 lousy games.  I've heard the I like ice cream but I wouldn't want it everyday arguement, I counter that with I like sex and I would want it every day. But being married, I take what I can get!

  I love the 18 game season. Start it in September and take it right to the Super Bowl on President's weekend. The Monday after the Super Bowl is the most called out sick day of the year. Not if it were played on Presidents weekend, The weekend we celebrate with mattress and electronic sales. With the Super Bowl, we'd have more reason to buy those  televisions, as for the mattresses, don't forget it's also Valentine's Day.

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