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12-Year-Old Injured In Kingsessing Hit-And-Run

by Elizabeth Hur

 PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - A hit-and-run injured a child on a bike in Philadelphia's Kingsessing neighborhood.

A mangled bicycle is what police are examining as evidence as they now search for a driver who they say hit a 12-year-old-boy on the bike, then kept going.

"I just heard people screaming."

A woman who did not want to be identified told us she works as a registered nurse and paramedic, so when she heard the screams then saw a boy in distress, she ran over to his aid.

"He was really scared. He had some cuts on his legs."

It happened around 7:45pm Friday in the 5100 block of Kingsessing Avenue.  Police say it appears the driver, traveling northbound on 51st Street had the green light when the boy on the bike entered the intersection.

Lt. John Walker explained, "Gets into the intersection, as the vehicle is moving through the intersection, the front of his bicycle is struck, he flips in the air, comes down, breaks his arm and his leg.  He is currently at Children's Hospital in stable condition.  It appears maybe the guy may be doing construction, there's trash, there's tools in there, maybe a construction employee.  Not sure the person knows he struck this child. But we ask him to come forward and if anybody saw this, please contact the Accident Investigation Division."

Eyewitnesses told authorities, they did not get a good look at the driver but described the vehicle involved as a white work truck, possibly a Ford F350.

Again, the Accident Investigation Unit is asking that anyone with information call the unit at 215-685-3180.

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