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Police Release Sketches Of Teens Wanted In Attack Of 12-Year-Old In Wheelchair

By Steve Beck, Diana Rocco

NEWARK, Del. (CBS) -- Police in Delaware are searching for two juveniles who attacked and robbed a 12-year-old confined to a wheelchair.

Twelve-year-old LeQuan Mackey is bravely talking about his attack Monday in hopes police will find the two boys he says have been picking on him for months.

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Officers with the New Castle County Police Department responded to Buchanan Circle in Newark at about 2:45 p.m. Monday.

According to investigators, Mackey was outside exercising in his wheelchair when two suspects, as young as 12-years-old, approached him from behind.

"These kids pushed me into a sewer grate thing and my wheel got stuck and he started punching me. And I put my hand up to block the punch and then he grabbed my lanyard, twisted it, put it back around my neck again and started to pull it," he said.

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Mackey suffers from cerebral palsy and is wheelchair bound after a recent leg operation. He was doing his daily exercising through the neighborhood when he says two boys attacked him, punching and choking him then making off with his house key he wore around his neck.

"I was just scared and I had been out for about 15 minutes and I was like 'if I don't get back, dad's going to worry about me,'" he said.

"When I hear that somebody is doing something evil to my child, I get quite angry," his father Paul Mackey said.

Investigators say the suspects pushed the victim's wheelchair from behind, causing it to get stuck in a storm grate.

The suspects then began assaulting the victim before stealing a lanyard and key. The suspects then ran from the scene.

A further investigation revealed a similar incident occurred days earlier with the same suspects assaulting and threatening the victim.

Mackey says the same two kids, whose names he doesn't know, cornered him and punched him a few days earlier. In the past, they've shut his fingers in the mailbox. And this time he was able to let out a scream.

"I'm thinking no, no I can't let this happen and I started to scream and they ran off," Mackey said.

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Police are now looking for the two juveniles both under five feet tall. The first suspect is described as an African-American male, 12-14 years of age, 4'8" tall, thin build with short black hair. The second suspect is described as a Caucasian male, 12-14 years of age, 4'8'' tall, regular build with short blonde hair and a small birth mark on his hand.

They will be charged with robbery.

Police are asking that if you have any information related to this incident to please call the New Castle County Police Department at (302) 395-8110. Citizens can also visit our website to submit tips at

"It seems that they are targeting a kid that can't fight back or a kid that can't flee, and you know we consider them to be monsters," New Castle County Police Officer Tracey Duffy said.

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