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114th Annual Mummers Parade Struts Up Broad Street

By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- It wouldn't be New Year's Day in Philadelphia without the Mummers Parade and the weather cooperated for this year's edition, with some sunshine and temperatures that were cold, but above freezing.

Thousands lined Broad Street to watch the parade which included some spectacular acts, with sets, elaborate costumes and choreography.

Fralinger's members danced with ladders for its circus theme and the Polish American String Band's icy show featured dancing penguins and an abominable snowman, delighting old and young.

"I like the colors and orange," said one young spectator.

Mummers compete for prizes in each division, but as they waited to strut, members of rival clubs said it's a friendly competition.

"We're family today."

Despite some evident alcohol consumption, the parade is very much a family event, with marchers as young as 2-year-old Brook Lutek. Her mother Jennifer explained it meant a lot to her husband.

"He's in the comics," she said. "He just started a couple of years ago after his dad passed. His dad was big into the Mummers and this is the way he chose to honor his dad."

But not everyone is a fan of the parade.

"It's just a sloppy mess most of the time," said one neighbor.

But it's hard to imagine New Year's Day in Philadelphia without it.

"It's a family tradition. We get here early. All the kids are freezing, but you can see they're having a good time. Happy New Year."

Mummers Results:


String Band Division

  1. Quaker City
  2. Hegeman
  3. South Philadelphia
  4. Woodland
  5. Fralinger
  6. Ferko
  7. Avalon
  8. Polish American
  9. Aqua
  10. Uptown
  11. Pennsport
  12. Duffy
  13. Greater Kensington
  14. Peter A. Broomall
  15. Greater Overbrook
  16. Durning
  17. Trilby


Comics Division

  1. Murray
  2. Goodtimers
  3. Landi


Fancy Division

  1. Golden Sunrise
  2. Hog Island


Fancy Brigades Division

  1. Shooting Stars
  2. Jokers
  3. Downtowners
  4. South Philly Vikings
  5. Golden Crown
  6. Satin Slippers
  7. Saturnalian
  8. Avenuers
  9. Clevemore
  10. Spartans
  11. 2nd St. Shooters


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